Talent As A Service

Broad Range of Services catering to different client needs

Whether you are an MNC, SMB or a startup; getting the right talent is of utmost importance for creating the right impact. Our wide range of services is designed to suffice specific needs of clients. This gives the clients a liberty to choose only those services that are applicable to their business needs. TAAS works with a goal of enabling clients with solutions that directly impact the bottom line.

Talent Acquisition

TAAS enables clients to access superior quality, on demand talent. We are able to achieve this by leveraging our large network globally, advanced BI & social media technologies and deep experience of working with various clients. Whether you are looking for a senior management, middle management or junior level positions; TAAS is your single partner for getting the perfect talent that you are looking for.

C-Level Hiring

We understand the criticality of getting the right person on board for key roles as hiring senior leaders is never a simple job. Our clients rely on us as a trusted partner for C-Level Hiring. TAAS has a fantastic network allowing us to find the best suited candidate for a leadership role. We assess the executives' past performances, present capabilities, and the future potential. TAAS goes one step ahead in assessing the talent's personality traits through expertly structured interviews & reference checks.

Talent Mapping

To supplement our experience across emerging & matured markets, different industries, geographies, startups to leading MNCs; TAAS rigorously follows the global talent scenario. Our talent mapping services includes holistic study of market - geography, industry, competitors, diversity, talent availability, and key skills. This allows companies to understand the current market situation, plan the "future" roles and target the best suited candidates.

Startup/SMB Focus

We provide Resource Process Management solution to startups/SMBs that caters to end-to-end hiring requirements right from Branding till Talent delivery. This includes Employer Branding, Social Media Branding, One-to-One Hiring, Organizing specific campaigns & events, shortlisting & finalization of talent. We have experience of working with many startups from seed level, that have transformed into leading brands today.

Talent Analytics

Analytics is a fast-growing area in human resources. Companies implementing Talent Analytics are able to dramatically increase business metrics & achieve desired objectives by making better people decisions. Our Talent Analytics solution is customized as per specific business phase & situation that clients are into. The step-by-step approach provides comprehensive data mapping which enables companies take a "researched" decision while implementing their strategies.



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