Talent As A Service


Today, having Global teams is one of the most essential parameter for any organization's growth.

People in different geographies possess different skills. For establishing a growing team, it is essential to acquire the best team & expand; acquiring global talent has become a must.

TAAS is present in more than 10 countries. Be it permanent or contractual, international recruitment is our strength. Our physical presence across major geographies gives us an edge to search & recruit the best fit for your company.

Global Talent & Talent Mapping

TAAS has regional recruitment teams & experience of working at global level which gives us an edge to search & provide global talent suiting your business requirement. We also focus on being abreast with the global talent market scenario; this allows us to provide global talent mapping services to our clients.

Short Term Assignments

Many times companies require talent only for a specific purpose for a specific time. This trend is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. TAAS identifies such resources for short term assignments across the globe & enable their deployment through our organization or directly.

Expat Recruitments

Technology developments & booming market has made India one of the world's leading economies. It is also attracting many overseas talents to pursue their professional career in India. There is also a high demand for experienced expats. Our globally placed teams identify and hire such talents for numerous international companies with presence in India as well as companies with Indian origin.